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Ryan Leslie – Good Girl (Remake By Sudhan Gurung)

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My attempt at remaking the hottest record right now, ‘Good Girl‘ by one of the most influential producer/rapper/singer/song-writer Ryan Leslie.

Click here to download the FL Studio file.

I’m not a professional musician, nor do I make music for living. I just love making music and do this just for fun. I’m aware that this remake is not 100% accurate as some of the chords might not be correct! I do apologies for that. Continue reading

Dr Dre – Kush Remake

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Dr Dre – Kush (Sudhan Gurung Remake) from Sudhan Gurung on Vimeo.

FL Studio File:


I’ve heard good remakes on Youtube and other websites but none of them have provided with the FL Studio files nor a tutorial. Which is why I decided to do a remake myself.

I’ve done what I’ve could with the FREE sounds that was available to me and I also admit that I’m not 100% spot on so…Anyway big up to DJ Smuggla for the acapella!!! Hope y’all will enjoy and learn something from this so that I didn’t just waste my time 😀